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1:14pm EDT July 5, 2011
Sustainable growth

Amit Chatterjee can credit working in Silicon Valley on an assembly line during high school as the instance when he first developed his entrepreneurial spirit. He worked for a company that produced racks for semiconductor equipment and he drilled thousands of precision holes on the assembly line. The experience instilled in him a pride in work and a drive for success ? no matter what the task.

This pride fueled his determination to establish Hara as an industry leader in energy and environmental management.

To reach that distinction, Chatterjee created a dynamic employee and leadership base that takes pleasure in its work and constantly innovates, no matter the size of the task or the function or title.

Launched in 2009 with about a dozen clients, Hara has grown to 50 major corporate and government customers, including The Coca-Cola Co., News Corp., Safeway, Intuit and U.S. Bank.

Through Chatterjee’s leadership, Hara has pioneered the concept of organizational metabolism, which is defined as the collective resources consumed and the resulting outputs across an organization and its value chain, including energy, water, waste and carbon. He believes in giving customers transparency and control of not only all resources they need to manage but also to all data and costs associated with those resources.

Chatterjee challenged conventional thinking of stopgap spreadsheet solutions by presenting a “sixth system of record,” which is similar to how customer relationship management and product lifecycle management solutions revolutionized business processes, that ties together environmental and energy management systems to drive business transformation in a highly transparent manner.

A champion of educational issues, he supports Camp BizSmart, a youth business and entrepreneur summer camp, which culminates with an award presentation. He also sponsors an employee engagement group which coordinates volunteer activities and events and the Hara Green Team, which leads the company’s sustainability strategy and supports the belief that you have to “walk the talk.”

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