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1:22pm EDT July 1, 2011
Snack hound

A self-proclaimed snack fanatic, Keith Belling knew there had to be a better option than the fried (unhealthy) and baked (undelicious) chips lining the snack aisle. He brought on a talented partner who previously worked for him, and together they set out to find the holy grail of snacking — a chip that was both healthier and tasted good.

After studying the snack-food aisle and the chip-making process, Belling and his associate came up with the idea for Popchips, which Belling heads as CEO. In doing so, he took on a crowded snack aisle and quickly turned his company into one of “America’s hottest brands,” according to Advertising Age. Popchips’ quick growth is a testament to Belling’s experience as a serial entrepreneur. Belling has been at the forefront of a number of exciting consumer trends, including the first coffee bar business in San Francisco, a small business Internet portal and this latest venture, an award-winning snack-food business. He lives for the challenges, risks and rewards of launching a startup company.

Belling brought his unlimited passion, energy and infectious enthusiasm to the start of Popchips and surrounded himself with an experienced team of investors and advisers to help him pilot his new business through the consumer packaged goods industry. His sales and marketing team built a footprint in 15 major U.S. markets. Belling continues to leverage his unique ability to develop creative, high-level strategy while still sweating the details.

Belling’s success come not just from pioneering a new product line but from creating a new category of popped snacks that he believes will do for the snack aisle what Vitaminwater did for the beverage aisle. The new brands of popped snacks already emerging are a testament to Belling’s success, and the R&D team has new products in the pipeline that will continue to lead the emergence of this new snack category.

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