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1:35pm EDT July 1, 2011
Creative competition

Dr. N. Anthony Coles always stays focused on two things — patients’ needs and the science that serves them. Since joining Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc. in 2008, Coles has been responsible for creating and leading the company’s strategic vision and long-term success. He’s accomplished this by identifying and seizing numerous growth opportunities to advance the company’s development and evolution as an industry leader.

As president and CEO, he focuses on upholding the highest standards of service as the head of a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to changing the way cancer is treated. When he recognized the potential of Onyx’s commercially successful drug called Nexavar, instead of just relying on continued sales of the product, Coles utilized the company’s financial strength to add new pathways for growth. He made moves to both acquire assets — including a biotechnology company called Proteolix — and add new agents to expand the company’s product pipeline. At the same time, Coles developed a strategy to grow the market for Nexavar by launching a program to target a broader spectrum of physicians in addition to oncologists. In 2010, this strategy paid off by significantly increasing prescriptions of the drug.

By leading his team with a focus on innovation as well as patient wellbeing, Coles is projecting growth that will require 400 employees by the end of 2012, up from 100 today. Coles recognizes that understanding patient needs is crucial for Onyx’s continued success. That is why patients are invited to visit the company regularly and share their personal stories with the team about their experiences with cancer. Also, to create a culture of scientific innovation, Coles challenges every Onyx employee to be an innovator and a leader for change and find creative solutions to challenging problems in the biotechnology field. With this strong commitment to superior patient care, Cole has grown Onyx from a single-product company into one that is fueled by innovation to outperform its competitors.

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