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2:02pm EDT July 5, 2011
Community staple

When Juvenal Chavez bought a butcher shop in 1991, he saw it as more than just a place to sell food. He saw it’s potential to connect Hispanic families with their culture by creating a place where they could celebrate their roots and purchase quality foods that they grew up with and that were part of longstanding traditions.

As founder and CEO of Mi Pueblo Food Center, Chavez has grown his company to 20 retail locations across Northern California to employ nearly 3,000 people. While his first store was a work in progress — small and unattractive, by his description — Chavez and his family saw the possibilities it presented to attract the Hispanic community with high-quality meats and extraordinary customer service. By making this vision a reality, within months, Chavez increased the company’s weekly sales more than tenfold.

Chavez developed Mi Pueblo’s business model based on his experiences as a Hispanic immigrant and an entrepreneur. He aims to create an authentic environment similar to that found in Mexico and Latin America open-air markets.

Chavez shares his passion for serving the Hispanic community with customers, as well as with employees and the community. In 2009, the National Grocers Association recognized the company as an “Outstanding Community Based Retailer.” Today, the Mi Pueblo partners with numerous Northern California schools and organizations, participating in food drives, health fairs and cultural events.

As an innovator in the grocery business, Chavez has used his strategic business philosophy to offer a unique service that has gained great success in the Hispanic market. His vision is to establish a Mi Pueblo in every Hispanic neighborhood to offer groceries and fresh products of the highest quality at fair prices.

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