Tom Bedecarre, CEO, AKQA Featured

11:20am EDT July 1, 2012
Tom Bedecarre, CEO, AKQA


As the CEO of AKQA, Tom Bedecarre manages his company and his clientele in similar ways, through his focus on building genuine, long-lasting relationships. Noteworthy partners of AKQA include  Facebook and Twitter, all of which AKQA has been able to uphold long-term relationships — some lasting more than 10 years. Bedecarre’s secret to staying ahead within the advertising industry stems from the variability of the services AKQA offers and, additionally, the company’s ability to stay youthful.

Bedecarre continues to take on risky opportunities that others may have written off too early. His company’s relationship with Facebook is one example in which Bedecarre proved to be ahead of the curve. In order to stay youthful, he attends tech conferences such as “Under the Radar,” a start-up conference in which he might be one of the few ad agency representatives. Not only does Bedecarre get to meet other entrepreneurs at these conferences, he also gets a head start on establishing relationships with new clientele. He sees ?rsthand new technology coming to market, and he serves as a mentor to young executives just entering the business. With that plan and mindset, Bedecarre has positioned AKQA to meet start-up companies on the ground ?oor and help them grow.

AKQA’s four primary values include innovation, service, quality and thought, which is evident through a brief look at the company’s of?ce space and website. The AKQA website is innovative and represents the values of the company.

Maintaining the culture of AKQA is Bedecarre’s fundamental personal value. He holds company meetings across the globe, traveling the world so that he can be a real face to his employees.