Taking a risk Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

In 1993, Pete Cittadini took one of the hugest risks of his life when he move from Boston to San Mateo to join Actuate Corp. He left behind an influential position running worldwide operations for a company with more than 500 employees to work alongside 15 product engineers in a startup.

His passion for business intelligence and database technologies led him to the company, and throughout the years, he has been able to identify opportunities and viabilities for the company. Seven years ago, he was named CEO, and today, he’s regarded as a “re-entrepreneur” at Actuate because of the new life he’s breathed into the company by broadening its business model to leverage opportunities.

In addition to growing and strengthening the business side of the company, he has also created a culture of giving back, even from the early days when the company wasn’t financially stable. The company gives substantially to Science Buddies and Peninsula Habitat for Humanity, having donated money to build three homes in the area in the past seven years. But it’s not just the money that speaks. Every year, Cittadini and a handful of employees also volunteer their time to build houses in South San Francisco.

Cittadini has proven himself a solid leader and looks forward to future possibilities.

This president and CEO says, “Transforming the way Actuate is modeling itself to do business in the future is what gets me started in the morning.”

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