Power of perseverance Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010

Rehan Jalil didn’t have the best track record. There were a few failed attempts to start a business and to persuade investors.

But what he did have was perseverance and the passion to innovate. That determination led to WiChorus, a Tellabs company that offers products for the 4G network.

Developing the business model and receiving, the eventual, venture funding was the easy part. As founder and president of WiChorus, in 2005, Jalil was entering a well-occupied market to compete with large companies that had household names.

As a virtual unknown, some of the first barriers that he faced were convincing mobile operators to carry WiChorus products and attracting the industry’s top talent. With a good product and a good plan, Jalil was able to do both and the company was well on its way.

In order to compete in the crowded marketplace, Jalil created a company focus that targeted a market segment with potential growth. Looking at subscriber growth in mobile data networks, he chose product categories that could provide a high margin and continuity of revenue growth. His foresight to pick differentiable products that were of strategic importance to mobile operators was an innovative strategy that ended up working. And the company’s SmartCore was the first purpose-built platform in the industry for 4G services.

It is quite a story for a man with a humble upbringing in Pakistan. Jalil cherished his education, and he knew if he excelled in his studies, he’d be able to change his life and the life of those around him.

While running the successful company in San Jose, he also co-founded Koshish, which establishes schools and libraries for disadvantaged children living in the slums and small villages of Pakistan. A true entrepreneur, Jalil also started a program that connects mentors with aspiring students internationally.

How to reach: WiChorus, (408) 435-0777 or www.wichorus.com