Reaching a vision Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

Ashu Roy co-founded eGain Communications Corp. in 1998, and he had a vision for his infant business.

He and his co-founder envisioned a world where customers would demand instant service through any device. To get to that vision, the journey was met with challenges.

Roy recognized the company needed to strengthen its platform with core technologies, so in its first year, it acquired Sitebridge, a leader in Web collaboration software. Then in 2000, Roy led the acquisition of Big Science, a leader in virtual agent technology. Then he completed the company’s acquisitions by buying Inference, the pioneer in knowledge management software for contact centers. Now strengthened, Roy set out to rebuild eGain’s platform and incorporate all these technologies into one common platform.

The dot-com bust also hit eGain, and while the company probably should have died during this time like many of its competitors did, he took the necessary means to keep it afloat. First, he chose not to take a salary during this time because he could afford not to and thought the money should go to the company first, and if that survived, then he would be rewarded later. Always the example for his employees, several other executives on the management team followed his lead without even being asked because they believed that much in Roy and the business.

Today, this chairman and CEO’s business is not only healthy but growing. eGain is also seen as a trusted choice of global enterprise for customer interaction hub solutions, and Roy and his team couldn’t be prouder.

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