Perfect fusion Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

In 1994, John G. Varel saw an opportunity in the marketplace. At that time, customers would purchase hardware, software and the consulting services needed to integrate solutions all separately. Varel realized that if there was one company that could create a fusion of the best products in all three of these areas, he could cut expenses and build long-term relationships with customers and vendors.

With that realization, he founded FusionStorm, but he didn’t have any money — only his good credit and name. In the beginning, he did all of the selling himself, and within a few months, he began adding sales representatives as fast as he could. He continued expanding rapidly, and sales grew significantly by 2000. Then the dot-com bust hit. Revenue plummeted during the next few years, but once information technology spending started to go up again, so did FusionStorm’s revenue. Between 2003 and 2004, the company’s revenue grew by 260 percent, which spurred VARBusiness magazine to recognize it as the second-fastest-growing company in the industry.

Under Varel’s leadership and commitment to success, FusionStorm has also grown to more than 21 offices throughout the country with more than 320 employees. While there were setbacks along the way, this chairman and CEO has proven that with a solid idea, sound vision and being true to your word, you can and will succeed.

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