OoVoo now provides its free HD video chat service for up to six users across all platforms

NEW YORK ― OoVoo today announced the availability of its free video chat service on the iOS platform for iPhones, iPod touches and iPads. Shortly after its launch, the app shot up to become one of iTunes’ top 10 free apps and the number one social networking app ahead of Facebook, Skype and Twitter.

Unlike most alternative video chat offerings, ooVoo users can now make video chat calls between up to six users from PC to iPhone, to Android phones and tablets, to Mac to any browser regardless of the platform and device they are using.

OoVoo’s network has been expanding at a record pace this year. Most notably, ooVoo users are transforming the video chat category by turning the traditional one-on-one video chat call into a social experience. Through extended group calls, video sharing, watching TV and listening to music while ooVooing, ooVoo users are fostering a new way to connect ― and live ― spontaneously:

This year has been a year of exponential growth for ooVoo. The service’s user base grew to more than 26 million, adding users at a run rate of two million new users per month. Nielsen NetRatings ranks ooVoo as the fastest growing communications app for PCs. OoVoo currently has over one million Facebook fans, making it one of the strongest technology brands on Facebook. With the ability to seamlessly import contacts from other video chat services, ooVoo makes it easy for new users to join the ooVoo social chat experience.