Charles Dunlop, CEO, Ambry Genetics Featured

8:01pm EDT June 30, 2012
Charles Dunlop, CEO, Ambry Genetics

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Charles Dunlop


Ambry Genetics

Dunlop grew up in Laguna Beach, Calif., where he did a lot of sur?ng, a lot of reading and a lot of imagining.

It was his thirst for knowledge and creative outlets that led him to form Ambry Genetics Corp. in 1999, while looking for an innovative way to sequence the gene mutation that causes cystic ?brosis.

Dunlop, the chairman and CEO, lived in the company’s of?ce for the ?rst couple of years, sleeping on a couch in a small room of their ?rst lab, located above a motorcycle repair shop in Costa Mesa, Calif.

Built by scientists, genetic counselors and physicians, Ambry has become a trusted resource for clinicians.

The company’s scope of clients encompasses national and global research projects with some of the world’s most respected academic institutions, along with both large and small pharmaceutical companies.

Through the experience of Dunlop and his leadership team, the company’s professional partnerships and certi?cations, it has become a trusted provider to the research community.

The innovation, imagination and hard work of Dunlop and his team have led to a number of de?ning moments for Ambry.

Recently, the company became the ?rst in the industry to offer full exome sequencing for diagnostic purposes with the release of the clinical diagnostic exome test.

Patients with complicated medical conditions that have eluded traditional diagnostic approaches now have an ef?cient and highly effective method to reach an accurate diagnosis.

Dunlop’s business model is aimed at continued adaptability, which will allow Ambry to continue innovating across the board.

Hand in hand with that is a company culture that emphasizes ethical practices and a moral obligation to deliver the promise of genetics to the population.

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