How TRI Pointe Homes’ founding partners built a company when the housing market was in the basement Featured

8:00pm EDT June 30, 2013
Doug Bauer, CEO, TRI Pointe Homes Doug Bauer, CEO, TRI Pointe Homes



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Doug Bauer, Tom Mitchell and Mike Grubbs are home building industry veterans with more than 60 years of combined experience. That is why, when the industry was in the depth of recession in 2009, they knew it was time to make a bold move.

They started TRI Pointe Homes, a next-generation homebuilder focused on the design, construction and sale of innovative single-family detached and attached homes in planned communities in major metropolitan areas in the West. The company lives by three words — think, renew and inspire.

Friends, family and colleagues thought they were crazy to start a new home building company when many of the industry giants were going under, but they knew that this was an industry of cycles, and that when it sank to the bottom, it would be followed by an upswing. And sure enough, four years later, the company they built is not only profitable, but also the focus of a successful IPO. TRI Pointe Homes became the first homebuilding company to go public since 2004.

Bauer, who is CEO, Mitchell, who is CFO, and Grubbs, who is COO, like to set very high goals for themselves. Their successful collaboration is based on their shared discipline and focus, and their unshakable belief that they could succeed. Part of their success is due to being nimble in their decision-making. They analyze the facts, make a decision and go. They may not be right every time, but they don’t waste time sitting around and questioning decisions.

Despite all the achievements the three partners and their company have seen, they still strive to do more; they believe success is a continuum. They are looking to their next mountain. The company currently operates in Northern and Southern California and Denver. TRI is looking to grow in its current markets, and, if market conditions warrant, possibly expand to select markets in Texas, Phoenix, Nevada and the Northwest.

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