The Wang file Featured

8:00pm EDT May 26, 2008

Born: Taiwan

Education: Bachelor’s degree, electrical engineering, University of Southern California

What has been the greatest challenge you have faced in business?

I’ve been through everything. Layoffs are one of the biggest challenges. It’s so hard to get rid of people you work with every day, especially if they have family counting on them. We’re here to build growth. We’re here to build new challenges. We’re here to build the impossible. So, downsizing is definitely one of the biggest challenges we ever faced.

How do you avoid the need to downsize?

Be a lot more careful. Be more patient and a little bit more conservative. But not too much — this business is not about conservative. It’s like a war, you can’t be conservative.

How do you develop a brand?

The best branding is a great product with great value. Not necessarily the rocket-science-like technology, but it has to be a great product at an affordable price.

We believe every single customer we have should come back to buy a second or third set from us because they like our quality and value so much. That’s the kind of brand equity we like to create is through quality of goods.

How do you keep those customers coming back?

In case there is a quality problem, we’re really focused on our customer service and technical support. We’re one of the few TV companies out there who have our own internal technical support and customer service. In fact, a majority of our people here in Irvine are on the phone supporting our customers. We really emphasize customer satisfaction in case there is anything wrong with the set.

Fast facts:

Wang was born and raised in Taiwan and came to California with his parents when he was 14, with no knowledge of the English language.

Wang survived a fiery plane crash in 2000, when a Singapore Airlines 747 took off on the wrong runway in Taiwan, struck a construction site and broke in two. Nearly half the passengers and crew died in the crash.