The Penrose File Featured

8:00pm EDT March 26, 2009

Education: Bachelor’s degree in business/economics, University of California, Santa Barbara; master’s degree, business administration, University of Maryland

Hobbies: Spending time with family, coaching son’s baseball team, reading, traveling, playing golf

What is the biggest challenge in managing 3,000 employees?

Having a management team that is aligned in their thinking and their objectives and their priorities is a major part of the battle. Getting your entire management team understanding where this organization is going, what’s important to us, our mission and values, understanding not only what we do and what is important for us to accomplish, but how we’re going to do our job and making sure management, those good people we have in management, are sharing that information in the right way with their staff.

How do you get your team aligned?

It goes back to the discussion about focus and understanding priorities. That is part of the vision process and strategic plan development process where painting that picture for the management team of where we’re going. It’s much easier to conceptualize and for staff and management to grab on to a vision when you’re showing them a rendering of a building than when you’re talking in flowery words about a vision.