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AncoraFred DiSanto’s passion to win runs deep

Close friends describe him as wicked smart, tenacious and extremely talented. Fred DiSanto uses his extraordinary gifts to win and help others do the same.

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Fred DiSanto’s passion to win runs deep

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Hoddy Hanna’s rules for acquisitions has Howard Hanna making bold moves

Howard Hanna wins the hearts and minds of an acquired company before making changes. This is just one of the M&A lessons the company — and Hoddy Hanna — has learned.

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Hoddy Hanna’s rules for acquisitions has Howard...

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Building connectionsRelationships are the center of Jim Wyland, WealthStone’s success

Who you partner with will lead to your biggest successes and largest failures. Jim Wyland of WealthStone knows the value of slowing down to invest in due diligence.

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Relationships are the center of Jim Wyland,...

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Relationships forged on the golf course are the foundation of Mark Goldfarb’s...

Golf, business and the complementary relationship the two have had in the life of Mark Goldfarb.

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Relationships forged on the golf course are the...


How to ensure HR and benefits technology work together

Gallagher’s Joe Roberts and Rhonda Marcucci explore how to blend HR and technology.

Ohio supports food and agribusinesses working to meet consumer demands

The food industry is in a period of disruption, but Ohio has created a system that marries local economic development with regional- and state-level programs, says JobsOhio's Joe Needham.

How to limit the risk of identity theft for yourself and your business

The risk of personal identity theft is a fact of life, and business owners are no exception. However, criminals have more potential targets for fraud when someone owns a business. Jamie Kibler of Richwood Bank explains how they might be targeted and what they can do about it.

The benefits of outsourcing a CFO

A number of companies don’t have a CFO. They might not have the budget for it, don’t think they need one or think it’s enough to have a bookkeeper or controller. What gets lost in that reasoning, says Clarus Partners' Michael Stevenson, is the purpose of a CFO.

Technology tools drive efficient cash flow management

Payments modernization is underway, thanks to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, real-time payments and data mining. Huntington Bank's Jim Altman warns how falling behind the financial technology curve can affect cash flow management.