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The value of M&A and why you can’t afford to ignore it

Dealmaking plays a critical role in business today — directly and indirectly. Otherwise, you risk falling behind your competitors. You owe it to yourself to build your M&A knowledge and network.

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The value of M&A and why you can’t afford to...

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Go the extra mileKelly Gratz helps g2o celebrate its wins and find a cohesive voice

The new CEO was hired to lead the technology company toward its next iteration. She discusses the 18-month branding effort, which resulted in the name change to g2o.

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Kelly Gratz helps g2o celebrate its wins and find a...

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Lorain County Community CollegeMarcia Ballinger embraces LCCC’s role as an economic driver for the region

Lorain County County Community College is working with NEO business leaders to develop curriculum that fits the needs of tomorrow's workforce.

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Marcia Ballinger embraces LCCC’s role as an economic...

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All inA sudden change only made the Kurt J. Lesker Co. and Kurt Lesker IV stronger

During a leadership transition, Kurt Lesker IV had to find his footing at the Kurt J. Lesker Co., as he and the company grew together.

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A sudden change only made the Kurt J. Lesker Co. and...


Have you thought about outsourcing your accounting functions?

There’s been an explosion of outsourced accounting, says Matthew Long, CPA, principal and director of Client Advisory Services at Rea & Associates. The driver behind it all? Technology. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation do the heavy lifting with manual data entry and transactional work, so internal accounting is more about managing exceptions and outliers.

How to get your business data under control and create more value

Organizations don’t always have complete control over their data. Perhaps, a third party hosts it, the data isn’t in the right format for those who need it, or employees are spending time manually inputting data or moving it from one system to another, says EOX Vantage's Sudhir Achar.

Digital banking tools are great, but they can’t replace a good relationship

Banking continues to change as advancements in technology lead to the development of new banking services. The convenience and accessibility delivered through these newly developed, technology-based services are influencing the expectations businesses have for the way banking is conducted, says First Federal Lakewood's Kurt Kappa

Nonprofits need their community’s trust more than ever

In an era of growing needs and shrinking resources, many nonprofits are starved for support, says Melessa L. Behymer of Brady Ware & Co. Contribution income is the bridge, but organizations must show donors that they are trustworthy.

Four reasons to bring production printing in-house

Consider bringing your marketing and sales printing in-house to provide control, reduce waste, allow on-demand printing and enable more targeted or customized marketing campaigns, says Lauren Hanna of Blue Technologies.

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