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Industrial Commercial Properties LLCChristopher S. Semarjian sees what others can’t

As the owner of Industrial Commercial Properties, Chris Semarjian has never viewed what he does as work. Real estate is his passion, enabling him to build a vast and lucrative portfolio of dynamic real estate assets.

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Christopher S. Semarjian sees what others can’t

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Revving upRicart Automotive lays a framework for the future with an improved culture

The third generation puts its stamp on Ricart Automotive with a focus on culture, while CEO Rhett Ricart helps his family find the right roles to keep the business successful.

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Ricart Automotive lays a framework for the future with...

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Pittsburgh’s Smart 50 Awards celebrate the region’s top executives

The 2019 Pittsburgh honorees are making a noticeable impact on the communities, industries and organizations that they work and live in. Meet this year's Smart 50 class.

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Pittsburgh’s Smart 50 Awards celebrate the...

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Akron ZooDoug Piekarz is here to save the world

By recognizing the gifts and skills he brought to the position, Doug Piekarz is able to bring every bit of himself to bear on growing the Akron Zoo in a meaningful way.

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Doug Piekarz is here to save the world


If the idea of a ransomware attack doesn’t keep you up at night, it should

Ransomware is like New York City, says Shawn Richardson, principal of Cyber Services at Rea & Associates. Just like how New York’s downtown buildings have constantly changed over the past 25 years, ransomware gets bigger, better and more modern as bad actors build upon past forms.

How to make your digital transformation a success

Organizations must get a handle on their data, not only to understand their business better, but also to act on the information in a timely manner, says EOX Vantage's Sudhir Achar.

How to efficiently manage your technology assets

In today’s environment, technology is everywhere. That's why it's critical for companies to manage their technology assets throughout their lifespan, says Huntington Bank's Jim Altman.

How to reorganize the chaos of open enrollment

JRG Advisors' Keith Kartman provides tips for making your next open enrollment as pain-free as possible for both employees and employers.

How to prepare for California’s sweeping privacy law

Whether your organization falls within the scope of the CCPA or not, a wait-and-see approach is not a good strategy, as the privacy law landscape evolves.

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