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Smart Culture AwardsGreat culture: The foundation of your success

Culture is arguably the biggest marketing tool for enticing candidates to join your business. It also happens to be fundamental to business success.

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Great culture: The foundation of your success

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Seal the dealM&A activity remains strong, as dealmakers watch the markets closely

The M&A market remains strong, despite the slowdown that could be on the horizon. Pittsburgh dealmakers share what they saw in 2018 and what they anticipate next.

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M&A activity remains strong, as dealmakers watch...

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Alliance Data kicks into high gear under Melisa Miller’s leadership

With eight years of leadership from President Melisa Miller, Alliance Data’s card services has experienced eight years of high growth. Get to know the brand behind the brands that employs 4,500 Ohioans.

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Alliance Data kicks into high gear under Melisa...

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Gervasi VineyardFrom family getaway to resort destination, Gervasi Vineyard grows by listening

Growing from a family retreat to a resort destination that hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually happened by listening to, and acting on, the suggestions of others.

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From family getaway to resort destination, Gervasi...


A closer look at the factors that affect decision-making for business owners

Huntington Bank's John Augustine shares where business owners can get reliable, local information that can be used for strategic planning and decision-making.

Taking your benefits plan for a ‘test drive’

Plan modeling helps employers to identify the best use of resources and to engage in experimentation without taking on risks. JRG Advisors' Aaron Ochs explains how.

How small businesses can create successful growth opportunities

Growth plateaus in mature companies typically because they’re not as focused on innovating their products or services as they had been at the start.

A financial advisory team can guide your business success

Surrounding yourself with a strong, competent financial team is necessary to guide you through everything from setup through acquisition strategies as the company grows. 

Strategies to cope with a tight warehousing market

As space tightens and prices increase, it’s imperative for companies to be not only smarter with their warehousing strategies, but find partners capable of efficiently managing changing capacity needs.