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2019 Pillar Award for Community ServiceUnited for our communities

The Pillar Award for Community Service was developed by Smart Business and Medical Mutual to honor businesses and individuals dedicated to making Northeast Ohio a better place to live.

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United for our communities

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Learn. Adapt. Repeat.Continental Office and Ira Sharfin stick to their strengths

The CEO helps position Continental Office for the future as the organization gets larger, deeper and better at saying no.

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Continental Office and Ira Sharfin stick to their...

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Pay it forwardGary DeJidas mentors the next generation of leaders at GAI Consultants

GAI's Gary DeJidas coaches his staff to take on increasing responsibility with leadership development and employee engagement within the $160 million company.

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Gary DeJidas mentors the next generation of leaders at...

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Main Street GourmetHarvey Nelson is almost, maybe, possibly ready to exit Main Street Gourmet

Since day one, Harvey Nelson has been ready to walk away from Main Street Gourmet. Thirty-two years later, he just might be ready.

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Harvey Nelson is almost, maybe, possibly ready to exit...


How to secure your organization and intellectual property

As companies use technology to do more with less, they become more vulnerable. Ben Simms at Blue Technologies talks about the growing concern of security.

Selling a business to an ESOP offers more than just financial benefits

The process, benefits and reasons to sell a company to an ESOP — an employees stock ownership plan — according to Jim Altman, Middle Market Pennsylvania Regional Executive at Huntington Bank.

The crackdown on aftermarket defeat devices on vehicles

Recent enforcement efforts by the EPA are targeting parts manufacturers and installers of aftermarket defeat devices on vehicles, including some less than obvious targets, says Babst Calland's Julie Domike and Gina Falaschi.

Using EBITDA to determine a company’s value

Kreischer Miller's David E. Shaffer offers his take on how to calculate the multiple in an M&A transaction.

How to use passive losses and passive income generators as a tax strategy

If you want to make an investment, making one in something that will generate passive income to offset your passive losses just makes sense. Tony Constantine of Ciuni & Panichi explains how it works.

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