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KHM Travel GroupA human touch enables KHM Travel Group to thrive in a tech-dominated industry

Facing a competitor like Expedia has been daunting for travel agencies. But KHM Travel Group President and CEO Rick Zimmerman found a chink in the tech giant’s armor.

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A human touch enables KHM Travel Group to thrive in a...

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American Textile Co. develops new products, grows to new heights

In its 92 years, American Textile Co. hasn’t made a single acquisition. The third generation of this family business, Lance and Blake Ruttenberg, explain how this organic growth has come through product development and innovation.

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American Textile Co. develops new products, grows to...

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RPM Inc.RPM’s Frank Sullivan builds on his father’s legacy with more than 100...

The most important dealmaking lessons Frank C. Sullivan has learned in his career have come from his father, Thomas, who was involved in more than 100 transactions during his career at RPM International Inc. Through all the years, dealmaking has been an integral part of the company’s growth strategy.

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RPM’s Frank Sullivan builds on his father’s legacy...

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Solid footingRocky Brands focuses on core business under Jason Brooks’ leadership

As the dust settles on the Rocky Brands corporate management shake-up, the company has renewed focus and a fourth-generation Brooks at the helm.

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Rocky Brands focuses on core business under Jason...


Planning and consideration for executives near retirement

An executive's peak earning years can be sweet, but they can also be short. Robert Klug, regional executive at The Huntington Private Bank, discusses the retirement challenges facing the C-level.

How to navigate the new IRS audit rules of LLCs, joint ventures and partnerships

Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia's Jeffrey G. DiAmico talks about the implications of the IRS audits under the Bipartisan Budget Act, who it applies to and relief provisions.

Understand your company’s risks with an enterprise risk assessment

Business owners need to understand the risks that exist in their companies so they can minimize them. Kreischer Miller's Mark Metzler explains how an enterprise risk assessment does just that.

Retirement plan design to attract and retain executive talent

Company leaders can design retirement plans that fit their needs and provide great benefits for their executives. Jeff Spencer of Ciuni & Panichi shares the details of three retirement plan types.

How to develop a strategy to compete effectively for key employees

Gallagher's Rory Lough and Joe Roberts explore strategies to attract, retain and engage key personnel and set your organization as a destination employer.