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TalentLaunchM&A will play key role in Aaron Grossman’s drive to $1B at TalentLaunch

Aaron Grossman is on an ambitious quest at TalentLaunch. He's using his considerable entrepreneurial and dealmaking skills to use to help his company achieve its full potential.

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M&A will play key role in Aaron Grossman’s...

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The right formulaLes Wexner and the Columbus Partnership transform the region

Les Wexner shares how curiosity and focus helped the Columbus region become an economic powerhouse.

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Les Wexner and the Columbus Partnership transform the...

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Steven Massaro elevates teamwork to new levels at Massaro Corp.

Steven Massaro retrofits the processes at Massaro Corp. to increase teamwork and structure the company for success.

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Steven Massaro elevates teamwork to new levels at...

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Petitti Garden CentersAJ Petitti has Petitti Garden Centers poised for another big year

Spring has sprung and AJ Petitti can't wait to get going on another growing season in Northeast Ohio. Petitti Garden Centers is an iconic company built on the bonds of family and great customer service.

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AJ Petitti has Petitti Garden Centers poised for...


Early-stage companies: Get your patent attorney involved early

If an attorney works with your engineering team, they can reduce the barriers to getting disclosures on paper, while identifying what you should patent and what you should keep secret, says Babst Calland's Carl Ronald.

What to consider when seeking growth capital

The capital acquisition process requires forethought and planning, says Jim Altman at Huntington Bank. Otherwise it can lead to mistakes if certain aspects are overlooked or overvalued.

New ways to approach employee performance reviews

Whatever performance review method your company takes, it should be formulated from employee feedback and company culture, says JRG Advisors' Rob Higginbotham.

Cyber fraud: The biggest threat to your organization is you

When it comes to ransomware and other cyber threats, the leading risk comes from your employees. Reggie Novak of Ciuni & Panichi shares what organizations can do to help mitigate and deter cyber and financial fraud threats.

What businesses should know about the federal wage and hour changes

Brouse McDowell's Christopher J. Carney looks into the U.S. Department of Labor's overtime rule changes and what businesses need to know to stay in compliance.