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All Pro Freight Systems Inc.Chris Haas always has an eye on what the customer needs

As one of seven children growing up in a blue-collar family in Lakewood, Chris Haas has always been well-acquainted with the value of a hard day’s work.

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Chris Haas always has an eye on what the customer...

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Big DealThe impact of M&A and why you can’t ignore it

The world of M&A is critical for business owners — even if they’re not actively looking to buy or sell. Executives, serial entrepreneurs and advisers who handle transactions every day discuss the role of mergers, acquisitions and dealmaking in business today.

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The impact of M&A and why you can’t ignore it

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Regional ConnectorPat Gallagher envisions a more impactful and relevant University of Pittsburgh

Pat Gallagher challenges the university to reach more deeply into the community.

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Pat Gallagher envisions a more impactful and relevant...

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Coastal Pet Products Inc.Kim Stout leads Coastal Pet Products through an omni-channel market

Kim Stout is applying a marketer’s insight to unleash a fast-paced go-to-market strategy for Coastal Pet Products Inc.

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Kim Stout leads Coastal Pet Products through an...


Non-competes gain popularity, but not always enforceability

Nearly 20 percent of American workers are currently bound by some type of non-compete agreement. McCarthy Lebit's David Cuppage examines their enforceability.

How to get the most out of your next business insurance renewal

While a small business doesn’t have the same negotiating power as a company that pays a six-figure premium, there are a number of things that you can request, says Zito Insurance Agency's Chas Lowe.

How banks can help businesses achieve their goals

Many companies are leveraging their bank’s relationships with accounting firms, attorneys and other service professionals as they pursue acquisitions, says Westfield Bank's Mike Toth.

How today’s industrial users can fulfill their requirement

Companies operating in the industrial sector today are looking for facilities that are user-friendly, rich in amenities and can be adapted to enhance the work experience of fickle employees, says Cushman & Wakefield/CRESCO Real Estate's Joseph V. Barna.

What to consider when buying a professional practice using seller financing

First Federal Lakewood's Karen Mullen offers details on the role of seller financing in the process of buying a practice.