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John J. Engel doubled down on WESCO’s customers in a market slowdown

During a downturn, WESCO looks to super-serve its customers — take a larger share even if they spend less. John J. Engel also used the slowdown to right size and drive productivity.

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John J. Engel doubled down on WESCO’s customers in a...

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Wild RepublicRelationships play key role in Wild Republic’s international growth

Wild Republic continues to bootstrap itself into novel lines of business, growing across the globe through relationships.

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Relationships play key role in Wild Republic’s...

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A new perspectiveNancy Kramer embraces change as chief evangelist at IBM iX

Nancy Kramer sold Resource/Ammirati two years ago, but in turn, she’s gained a wider perspective as part of the new organization, IBM iX.

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Nancy Kramer embraces change as chief evangelist at...

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JumpStart Inc.JumpStart drives Cleveland’s innovation economy to new heights

It was 2000, and Ray Leach had built an impressive resume — starting two companies, which he sold, then creating two more companies, all in the technology space. He was 34 years old and he was at a crossroads. Things were about to change in a big way.

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JumpStart drives Cleveland’s innovation economy...


How to keep sickness away from your vacation

It’s important to take time off work, but it’s no fun spending your vacation sick. Melinda L. Schriver, of Telehealth Strategic Solutions at UPMC Health Plan, gives tips for staying healthy.

How your products are delivered is a reflection upon you

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies have to deliver freight to their customers on time and undamaged. Finding a logistics company that is capable of consistently executing and safely warehousing products requires due diligence.

How to get predictable tax results from your captive insurance program

How a captive insurance company is structured and, therefore, how it is taxed, is based on many factors. Factors include the company’s risk perspective, the goals of the program — building liquidity, filling a hole in a risk management program, building a war chest of insurance funds to combat long-term contingent liability — where the captive is based, its size and more.

Understand a broker’s goal before investing with one

No single statute requires brokers to disclose a conflict of interest, so brokers may put their own or their firm’s interests ahead of their clients’ interests. Investment advisers, on the other hand, operate under a statute that establishes them as fiduciaries.

Cryptocurrency, blockchain will have a major impact on businesses

Cryptocurrency has the potential to be as disruptive to society as the creation of the internet, affecting the way we transact with family, friends, colleagues, banks and customers. And bitcoin, the most recognizable cryptocurrency, put blockchain on the map, which has created a massive use case for the technology.