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Lubrizol Corp.Lubrizol uses chemistry to change the world. Eric R. Schnur wants to take that to...

Lubrizol had taken a big step forward in addressing its need to be more diverse. The next step would be to improve execution and accountability.

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Lubrizol uses chemistry to change the world. Eric R....

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The Belden Brick Co.Steady leadership helps The Belden Brick Co. to 133 years in business

Since its inception 133 years ago, the Belden Brick Co. has survived massive fluctuations in market conditions that have reshaped the competitive landscape.

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Steady leadership helps The Belden Brick Co. to 133...

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ReimaginedCovestro takes ownership of its new name with a new culture

When Covestro LLC was announced as the new name for Bayer MaterialScience — after it spun off from the Bayer Group — it wasn’t met with enthusiasm. Jerry MacCleary and his team have worked hard to change that.

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Covestro takes ownership of its new name with a new...

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Smart Women: Women leaders employ diversity and inclusion to build teams

Presenting the 2017 Central Ohio Smart Women Award winners and panelists who will be featured at this year's Smart Women Breakfast on Aug. 15.

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Smart Women: Women leaders employ diversity and...


What to do when a competitor’s patented product threatens your sales

Strategic options companies have to avoid the negative impact from the release of a competitor’s patented product, according to John M. Skeriotis, a partner at Emerson Thomson Bennett.

Plan now to create the life you want in retirement

Retirement planning can be complicated and stressful, says Christopher D. Bart, managing director and partner at Aurum Wealth Management Group, a Skoda Minotti firm. The difficulty has increased as people are living longer and in some cases spending more years in retirement than working.

What to look for in a captive manager

Just because someone has an impressive background as a lawyer or an accountant doesn’t mean they know how to run a captive program, says Derek Thomas, an account executive at Imprise Financial.

What you don’t know about realty transfer tax could cost you

How realty transfer tax works, how it might apply to other real estate-related transactions, and the importance of hiring professionals to structure the most favorable terms, according to Catherine Marriott, a member of Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia, LLC.

Demand is growing in the captioning and court reporting profession

According to a recent National Court Reporters Association survey that looked at the trends affecting job opportunities in the profession, it’s expected there will be 5,500 job openings available in the field across the country in the next five years, says Cuyahoga Community College's Kelly Moranz, CRI.