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Signet’s unique leadership approach separates it from the pack

Private equity firms often get a bad rap. They can be characterized as cold-blooded, willing to eviscerate an acquired company […]

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Signet’s unique leadership approach separates it...

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O-H-I-ODr. Michael V. Drake drives future success at The Ohio State University

Ohio State's shared governance might seem foreign to those used to the command control of for-profit business. But Dr. Drake is building consensus to get OSU ready for what's next.

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Dr. Michael V. Drake drives future success at The Ohio...

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Executives adapt with changing times to ensure business longevity

Companies that have been around for more than 50 years have learned a thing or two about adapting to the marketplace. Regional business leaders share their experiences pivoting their business for long-term success.

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Executives adapt with changing times to ensure...

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Welty Building Co.Don Taylor’s team is built to last at Welty Building Co.

For Welty President and CEO Don Taylor, building his team is just as important as constructing a building — and he’s co-opted a novel approach to do so.

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Don Taylor’s team is built to last at Welty Building...


How a bank can be a manufacturer’s strategic and trusted partner

For area manufacturers to keep up with the fast-paced economy, create jobs and grow in a competitive market, they need to be current with the times and well-connected in their communities. Among the many methods available to manufacturers to generate sales opportunities is a deeper connection with their bank.

Lessons for parents about the risks their children face on social media

Students of all ages are getting into trouble with social media — at school and with the law. It’s media that’s meant to be fast. But what students fail to realize is that a quick post or response can have lasting consequences. Kristina W. Supler and Susan C. Stone have the details.

New tools for accountants can help protect companies from cyber threats

The digital threats facing organizations today have multiplied as they move their data hosting from localized servers to the cloud. Further, myriad devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops are accessing that data, many of which are not a company’s property, but are owned by employees. That’s made protecting all that data, and securing all the possible entry points, a significant task.

How digital transformation is driving change within IT

Digital transformation is the way in which companies are adopting technology, specifically digital technologies, to innovate their day-to-day business activities. As one company successfully incorporates a transformative technology, it changes the business model for all companies.

How to limit the risks when employees use their personal wheels for business

Most companies are conscious of the risks associated with employees operating corporate-owned vehicles. What they aren’t aware of, however, are the significant risks created by the operation of vehicles the company doesn’t own, says Chris Zito, president at Zito Insurance Agency, Inc.