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Carter Logistics LLCCarter Logistics’ fights turnover with training, but the biggest lesson is copping...

Statistically speaking, John Paugh is doing much better at retaining truck drivers than the rest of the industry. Here's why.

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Prospective billing implementation impacts key dates for Ohio employers

Prospective billing could impact an employer’s coverage status or alternative rating program eligibility, costing them potential savings.

How to achieve growth much easier by absorbing these valuable tips

When it comes to growing a business, whether strategically or organically, the better informed and prepared a company is, the better its chances for success. But how to become better informed and prepared may be a mystery to some companies. “There are a number of business incentives out there that a lot of companies don’t […]

How to find alternative sources to finance your real estate venture

There are myriad programs available to commercial and industrial real estate users that provide low cost capital and incentives for new investment. In addition to conventional financing, there are nontraditional sources of financing, tax deferral and tax mitigation strategies that can stretch your equity dollar. Smart Business spoke with Bob Brehmer, CCIM, SIOR, principal at NAI Daus, […]

How to help your employees be smart health care consumers 

Think of planning a family vacation — you spend weeks determining where you want to go, and how much you can afford to spend. You ask your friends and family for advice. You read reviews. You look for the best deals and compare prices. And then, once you’re armed with that information, you make a […]

Innovative ways to manage permanent or temporary legal needs

It is not difficult to find attorneys within law firms to serve as outside counsel to small businesses. But eventually, companies grow to the point where it is more cost efficient to utilize an in-house counsel legal team to address their immediate compliance, contracts, employment law and other legal service needs. “The challenge for the […]