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Minute Men Staffing & HR ServicesJay Lucarelli shares his family pride through his work at Minute Men Staffing &...

When Jay Lucarelli became Minute Men’s president and CEO, he considered the many leadership lessons he got from his father.

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Jay Lucarelli shares his family pride through his work...

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Mike Townsley talks future growth at Bob Evans Farms after split

Now that the restaurant and food businesses have been separated, it’s easier to tell the long-term growth story of Bob Evans Farms Inc.

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Mike Townsley talks future growth at Bob Evans Farms...

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The Peoples bossMorgan O’Brien’s vision wins over his employees at Peoples Natural Gas

Peoples exists to make its customers’ lives better. Morgan O'Brien truly believes that and he's worked to make his employees believers, too.

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Morgan O’Brien’s vision wins over his employees at...

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Ganley Auto GroupKenneth Ganley loves selling cars and shares his passion with the team at Ganley...

Kenneth Ganley has taken Ganley Auto Group, a company started by his father, and turned into one of the top dealerships in the U.S.

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Kenneth Ganley loves selling cars and shares his...


How digital transformation is driving change within IT

Digital transformation is the way in which companies are adopting technology, specifically digital technologies, to innovate their day-to-day business activities. As one company successfully incorporates a transformative technology, it changes the business model for all companies.

How to limit the risks when employees use their personal wheels for business

Most companies are conscious of the risks associated with employees operating corporate-owned vehicles. What they aren’t aware of, however, are the significant risks created by the operation of vehicles the company doesn’t own, says Chris Zito, president at Zito Insurance Agency, Inc.

How new Department of Labor guidelines will affect unpaid internships

Joseph Fluehr, an attorney at Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia, LLC talks about about the new Fair Labor Standards Act guidelines and how they affect unpaid internships.

How a cost segregation study can focus your fixed asset strategy

Unless you’re in the business of owning real estate, you may not be aware of the benefits of a cost segregation study, says Tony Constantine, a tax partner at Ciuni & Panichi, Inc. In fact, some accountants don’t understand how these studies can provide savings.

Data analytics and AI are the future of internal audit and fraud investigation

Kirstie Tiernan, data analytics managing director for BDO, Chicago at BDO USA, LLP, explores data analytics, especially as it relates to internal audits and why artificial intelligence (AI) adds even more value.