Passion peddler

Create innovation through conversation. I’m constantly on the phone with our agents and sellers and meeting with the in-house sales team about what did people say on the phones, what was the feedback, what were some of the objections. I have to always be open to suggestions and comments and not put people down. Instead, try to encourage that team spirit.

So when they’re dealing with people, I tell them, ‘Come talk to me. I want to know what’s being said to you. I don’t just want you making 20 calls and I’m not getting any feedback. If I don’t get any feedback of what you’re talking about, then as far as I know, you’re not doing anything.’ If you can be a principal of a company or a CEO of a company and keep yourself in the front line that way, that’s important.

Then, everybody starts thinking and coming up with their own ideas and saying, ‘Well, why don’t we do this, and we can do this,’ and you’re like, ‘That’s a good idea,’ and you start to incorporate other people’s ideas into it.

Make the effort to inspire your employees. Look at (Barack) Obama; he’s able to inspire people. I don’t know who I’m voting for, but I tell you I respect him a lot because he’s just unbelievable in the way he can inspire people.

Now, can every business leader do that? I don’t know. But it’s a great quality to inspire your people to get someone to say, ‘Hey, I’m going to work as hard as I have to and make this happen.’ Everyone has learned over the last 12 months that it’s hard out there; it’s not just easy money laying around all the time for people.

So have that high intensity and be able to inspire people. Think about it and say, ‘How can I inspire my team, how can I inspire my employees?’

Part of it is having someone that can take all my thoughts and everything that I’m doing and take my dream and put it out there in a manner that is very understandable across the board to everybody. Structure your thoughts on paper and create an actual plan that people see.

Have the salesmanship to say, ‘This is the direction I believe we should go in, and this is my dream,’ and the people that you’re talking to will believe in you enough to say, ‘Hey, this guy can do it, and I want to be involved with it.’ That helps you get a jump start.

And then, when people start coming in the office and business is created, and the phones start ringing, that is something that will spark things. Energy creates more energy.

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