Play to win Featured

9:22am EDT October 12, 2010

Stanley Greene knows winning is contagious. The former college basketball player recognizes that business is a team sport, and that by getting everyone to understand their roles and then how they fit into the bigger picture is the best way to position any organization for success.


That’s just what the president and CEO of Sprinturf does every day, which is why Sprinturf has become an industry leader, with such clients as the Philadelphia Eagles.


In a July 2009 interview with Executive Leaders Radio, Greene talks about how to raise your level of performance to set a successful leadership example for your organization.


When Smart Business spoke with Greene in October 2009, he explained how to build a company that embodies the determination to win.


“Everything starts with an attitude,” Greene says. “And we hire around that more so than we do the expertise because we can always train. If you have the right attitude, it would be easy to train you to do what it is we do.”


The bottom line is this:  When it comes to building teams that compete to win, you have to have everyone on the same page. That requires developing – and communicating – a consistent message that implies that your company is going to go places. When you do that, you play to win.


Executive Leaders Radio and Smart Business are content partners. Executive Leaders Radio is dedicated to honoring individuals who have risen to leadership roles through hard work and determination. Araten appeared on the same Executive Leaders Radio program as Tom Petro, president and CEO of Fox Chase Bank; Patricia Hasson, president of Consumer Credit Counseling; Kris Messner, co-author of “Save! America;” Vince Benedetto, president and CEO of Gold Media Group; and Bill White, CEO of Endurance Real Estate Group.