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8:00pm EDT October 26, 2008

Will Reynolds is the founder of SEER Interactive, a Philadelphia-based search engine optimization firm. He has driven traffic to sitesfrom search engines and analyzed the impact that traffic has on the bottom line of companies for the past nine years. Reynolds’career began at a Web marketing agency in 1999, where he spearheaded the SEO strategies for companies that included Barnes &Noble, Disney, Harman Kardon, De Beers, DoubleClick, HotJobs and Mercedes Benz USA.

Q. What can a company investing in SEO expect to get as a return on its investment?

Many clients initially attempted to perform SEO themselves and found they didn’t have the time or knowledge to maximize the possible SEO benefits for their company, so the return on their investment at that point was low. When working with a knowledgeableSEO firm, return on the investment really has no boundaries. The more you invest, the greater the return on your investment.

Q. How does a business identify a good SEO firm?

Everyone should know there is a high rip-off factor in the industry when businesses don’t know what to look for in a reputable company. Know the right questions to ask and educate yourself on the firm’s track record to help weed out the bad guys. Ask to see evidence of past ventures to see what their report to you would look like and never work with an SEO company that cold-called you. Thecompany should proactively offer to track leads and revenue. This should come with their offer, not need to be asked for by the client.A good SEO firm has tracking at a high level in their DNA.

Q. How can SEO grow a company?

There isn’t a marketing medium more direct than SEO. If working with a good SEO firm, you should be able to type in terms relatedto your business and see your company rank high on the search engine results page. Higher results mean more traffic, and if yoursite is easily navigated, has compelling information and possesses other key elements, your revenue will increase from the exposureSEO gave you. Many companies want to see what happens before drinking the Kool-Aid. That day has passed and essentially everyday that passes makes obtaining a high ranking more difficult. SEO means exposure to a targeted audience at a time they are lookingto make a purchase.