The Mashner file Featured

11:32am EDT May 23, 2006
Born: Marinette, Wis.

Education: Pennsylvania State University, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, business administration

First job: Not counting the paper route and the gas station, when I got out of school, I worked for an accounting firm as a CPA.

Whom do you admire most in business and why?
First, the people I work with. If you have an effective management team that works together, you have to admire them. I admire my immediate predecessor, George R. Gunn Jr. He was the CEO here for 10 years.

I also admire Marvin Heaps, our board chairman who, at one time, was the president of ARA. Another individual is Sidney Miller, the vice president and controller of former American Medicorp. He was also an officer at Universal Health.

What was your toughest business challenge?
Migrating from COO to CEO, which means letting go of details. You must recognize that you work with effective people and give them a chance, and they can handle the issues.

Describe your management philosophy.
I try to have a participatory management style. There is a phrase that says, ‘To be a great teacher, you have to be a great learner.’ You also have to make decisions and stick with them, so you have to be faithful.

What is the company vision?
ACTS started in early 1970-1971, and it is a result of an individual in a local church being concerned about the care of the seniors in their congregation. They went out and built the first community, which was in Fort Washington.

The demand led to the opening of the second. From there, the company evolved. All that is in fulfillment of the commandment that says to honor your father and mother (from the Book of Acts in the Bible, from which the company derives its name).

That is part of our overall philosophy. We have a dedicated board that is very supportive of that intent.