Developing the leadership mindset Featured

4:51am EDT March 19, 2010

  Michael Carbone knows that a leader can come from anywhere. In a late-2009 interview with Executive Leaders Radio, Carbone talks about growing up in Camden, New Jersey, and working his way up to become president of TD Bank’s metro Philadelphia market.

Carbone says in the broadcast (he comes on in the 25th minute) that he learned the value of working hard from his parents. Fittingly, he spoke with Smart Business Philadelphia for a recent cover story on how to prepare future leaders, talking through the process of preparing future generations. Here is the opening to that story.

You shouldn’t do it alone.

You can’t do it alone.

Even if you founded your company and have overseen its growth every step of the way, you can’t possibly have all the answers as you pilot your business through choppy economic waters, a competitive market and a host of other conditions that have caused more than a few experienced business leaders to lose some sleep. It’s a lesson Michael Carbone has taken to heart. The regional president of TD Bank’s metro Philadelphia market has placed a strong emphasis on identifying, grooming and promoting new managers and executives in his 4,500-employee division of TD Bank, a banking giant that employs more than 23,000 people in the U.S. 

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Executives Leader Radio and Smart Business are content partners. Executive Leaders Radio is dedicated to honoring individuals who have risen to leadership roles through hard work and dedication. Carbone appeared on the same Executive Leaders Radio program as Jay Shah, the CEO of Harsha Hospitality Trust, Larry Borden, the founder of The Borden Agency and Ed Brill, CEO and founder of Brill Worldwide Investments Inc.