How Ron Jaworski hires and motivates employees Featured

12:50pm EDT August 10, 2010

As a former NFL quarterback, Ron Jaworski knows a few things about leading a team.

In fact, during his 17 years in the league, he developed characteristics that he now uses as owner and CEO of Ron Jaworski Golf Management Inc.

Among the traits Jaworski says every great leader must possess are a strong work ethic, passion and enthusiasm. Traits you also want in employees.

“The key to employees is finding those people who share the same values,” he says.

To build a successful company, everyone on your staff must embody similar philosophies. Jaworski has been able to grow his golf management company to 300 employees and $10 million in revenue. He’s accomplished that by making good hires and motivating employees.

“It’s imperative that the leadership should be involved, the owner of the company or a principal of a company be involved, particularly in (hiring) those key positions of managers, assistant managers,” Jaworski says. “I must come out of that interview process believing that they have the same goals and aspirations that I have — that we see the business through the same eyes.”

Jaworski uses a straightforward method when it comes to gauging whether or not the candidate’s work ethic matches the company’s needs. Of course, he looks at the resume and drills through the normal list of questions about experience. But he also asks if they have hobbies or participate in athletics. That question leads to a better understanding of the person’s social background of interacting with people and gives light to their passion and work ethic.

“People that have been involved with athletics are used to working hard,” Jaworski says. “They’re used to being coached. They’re used to being trained. They’re used to having thick skin.”

Once you have the right employees on your team, you need to create a motivating environment. Jaworski provides team building exercises, such as softball games, and communicates regularly and thoroughly.

“You hire the right people, you train them appropriately and then you let them go and monitor their performance,” he says. “If you micromanage people and question everything that they do, then you lose them, you don’t empower them. And I’m a big believer in celebrating the small wins along the way.

“You need to celebrate those victories, those short-term goals that you achieve so that you keep your people inspired.”

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