Philosophy of communication

Mix motivation with ambition. Motivation is the No. 1 thing you
need, and then ambition. You can
always find a way if you have
enough motivation to accomplish
a certain number of things.

But if you don’t have the ambition to arrive to a certain level,
then your motivation will be
stuck at one level, and you will
not progress but actually eventually regress. You have to always
increase your goals, and this is
ambition and not motivation.

The difference between motivation and ambition is probably
similar to tactic and strategy.
(Motivation) is really the things
that you have to do on the daily
basis, and ambition is much
more of the means of where to
go long term, and you mix those
together whenever you make
your plan.

Make productivity priority No. 1. The biggest challenge for a
leader is to understand that
productivity is top priority
because there are many subjective opinions.

We have weekly meetings
where everybody is asked to
put on the table what they
don’t understand or what needs
changed. We are moving the
colony, trying to be as humble
as possible because nobody
has the right formula to run a

So we are always open — as
long as it’s understood that the
first priority of the company is
to be productive, and whatever
is shown to decrease the productivity is what we’ll change

Put tough topics up for debate. It’s
a democratic country, and it’s
the same thing in my business.

Just because it’s a free country
doesn’t mean that you can go
through a red traffic light. The
rules are applicable for everybody, even me, but, at the end of
the day, you have to explain and
debate all the major things
about where you are going.

You can take the position of
saying, ‘No, end of story’ to debate, but you are going to lose the
motivation and ambition. That is
not what you should do because
you have to always convince
people that this is the right way;
otherwise, you lose efficiency.

The other option is you can
put issues on the table, and if
the employee shows more
points than me then he’s right
— otherwise, I’m just stupid.

You have to explain all the time
why you are taking this direction and listen to debate about
it; that’s the most important
thing for keeping motivation
and ambition.

Otherwise, you have it like a
big company where you are
just a number and not an
employee. And the company
might be working, but what I
can tell you is if I’m taking the
performance of my company
with a group of 20 people, and
the performance of any kind of
big company with a group of
20, the difference will be huge.

We are going to get three or
four times as much performance, and whenever you grow, if
you can keep this environment,
you are unbeatable.

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