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9:37am EDT July 22, 2002
An obligatory voice

I enjoyed and wholeheartedly agree with [Fred Koury's column, SBN July 2000] on the need to participate in the political process. Too often, people take for granted their obligation to make their voices heard. Your article was an excellent reminder that the time to act is now.

Jason Altmire

director, federal government relations

UPMC Health System


In the special pullout section of SBN's August issue, an article on the Rock Airport and the Rockpointe industrial park left out the development's location. Both the airport and industrial park are located in West Deer Township, not far from the Springdale exit off of Route 28. Thanks to the reader who brought the omission to our attention.

Quote of the month:

Talk about perspective ...

"In Nigeria, that $12 could support a whole family for an entire month."-- An unidentified Nigerian-born parking attendant at a downtown Pittsburgh parking garage, responding to a customer's surprise that the parking authority would charge $12 for only two hours of parking.