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9:38am EDT July 22, 2002

At law firm Tucker Arensberg, employees get a package of perks that includes relaxed business dress policy, flexible working hour arrangements and golf lessons.

Golf lessons?

It's no news that employers are pushing the envelope when it comes to offering enticements to attract and retain employees. Even law firms are getting into the act.

Golf lessons are just one of the lifestyle benefits Tucker Arensberg offers its employees. There are work-at-home options, social events, wellness programs and what the firm describes as "realistic billable hour requirements."

"The practice of law is a demanding profession," says Gary Hunt, Tucker Arensberg's managing shareholder. "However, we also recognize the importance of balancing the rigors of the legal practice with the responsibilities of and rewards of family life and community activities."

The firm's efforts aren't going unnoticed. Tucker Arensberg received an award from the Allegheny County Bar Association for fostering the importance of balance between practice and lifestyle, one of several the organization is offering to honor the achievements of proactive law firms and individuals. How to reach: Tucker Arensberg, www.tuckerlaw.com, tapc@tuckerlaw.com, or (412) 566-1212

Ray Marano