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E-clean solution Featured

9:38am EDT July 22, 2002

A Charleroi dry cleaner has decided to press the Internet into service to streamline its service.

Model Cleaners, a six-store operation that covers the Mon Valley and South Hills, gives its customers the option of scheduling pick-up and delivery of their dry cleaning. Customers simply log onto www.model-cleaners.com and complete a simple form to schedule pick-up. Model Cleaners bills the customer's credit card for services and even provides a bag for the clothes for pick-up.

The company provides the online convenience at no premium over its regular service, but some customers, it seems, aren't sure they won't be, well, taken to the cleaners.

"The biggest hurdle to marketing the service is not getting people to use it -- everyone thinks it's a great idea -- but getting people to believe it's free," says John LaCarte, the company's president.

To make believers out of its clients, Model Cleaners is offering coupons on its Web site and $100 worth of free dry cleaning services every month.

With that kind of hustle, this dry cleaner just might clean up. Ray Marano