Milestones Featured

9:41am EDT July 22, 2002
Here are a few of the key events in the history of Calgon Carbon Corp.:

1940 — Pittsburgh Coke & Iron Co. Inc., Calgon’s predecessor, pioneers the development of coal-based granular activated carbon for use in military protection masks as a substitute for coconut char, unavailable due to the military occupation of the Philippine Islands.

1955 — Calgon Corp. develops a system for the decolorization of sugar.

1962 — As a division of Calgon Corp., Calgon Carbon becomes the first company to install granular carbon for drinking water treatment.

1965 — Calgon Carbon goes worldwide by establishing an operating unit in Brussels, Belgium.

1968 — Merck and Co. acquires Calgon Corp., including Calgon Carbon.

1978 — Calgon Carbon forms Calgon Carbon Far East Co., a joint venture with Mitsui Chemicals Inc. and Mitsui & Co. Ltd., to serve customers in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

1985 — Merck and Co. sells the Calgon Carbon Corp. division in a leveraged buyout to the company’s management team, led by Thomas McConomy.

1987 Calgon Carbon completes its initial public offering of stock. The stock now trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CCC.

January 1997 — CFO R. Scott Keefer resigns to pursue other opportunities.

February 1998 — CEO Colin Bailey resigns.

April 1998 — Calgon Carbon seeks an acquisition or merger partner.

August 1998 — Calgon Carbon decides to remain independent, withdrawing its plan to be acquired or merge with another company.

April 1999 — Jim Cederna takes over as president and CEO of Calgon Carbon. Compiled by Ray Marano, ( from information provided by the company and other sources.