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They wrote the book Featured

9:42am EDT July 22, 2002
Two local women have written a book intended to help community banks ease their way into online bill payment and Internet banking.

Carmella Manges and Betsy Southorn-Rae have written “Internet Banking Consultants In A Box,” a book they describe as a hands-on guide to product development and implementation for Internet banking and online bill payment.

The book, which the authors say contains a complete marketing and promotional package, targets mid-sized banks that have limited marketing budgets and staff members who have to wear several hats at their institutions. Manges and Southorn-Rae say the book will help bankers choose the right product development strategy, select a vendor and test and sell their service to their customers.

Both have worked at community banks and major regional banks developing Internet banking and online bill payment for business customers and consumers.

How to reach: Contact Manges & Rae Publishing, (412) 734-2407

Ray Marano