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The big screen Featured

9:44am EDT July 22, 2002

Job seekers are using the Internet with greater frequency to locate and investigate job openings.

The trouble is, some have become frustrated with the lack of response to their inquiries because job boards and employers have been deluged with inquiries and unable to answer in a timely manner.

Now, employers can prescreen electronic applicants automatically, thanks to Web-Screen, a technology developed by Development Dimensions International, the Bridgeville-based training and human resources consulting firm.

Web-Screen can be added to any Web site, allowing employers to orient, qualify, screen and respond to candidates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, according to parameters determined by the company looking to hire. For employers, it means gathering a more qualified pool of candidates. For job hunters, it offers confidentiality and a greater likelihood of a response from a company seeking candidates with their qualifications.

And the system can save money. Richard Wellins, DDI’s senior vice president of global accounts, estimates a reduction of up to 50 percent in screening costs and a faster selection process, allowing employers to locate and recruit the best candidates more efficiently.

How to reach: DDI at www.ddiworld.com

Ray Marano