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9:45am EDT July 22, 2002
Pacesetter praise Thank you for the honor of being included in the “leaders for the new millennium.” I truly believe Pittsburgh has the assets to be a player in the new economy and that it is purely a matter of will to succeed.

Publications like yours and the special issue in particular are the kind of uplifting message that the Pittsburgh business community needs to hear more often. I have read your publication for years and am particularly pleased at being included in this special issue.

Dennis Yablonsky, president and CEO

Pittsburgh Digital Greenhouse

Thank you for the honor of being selected as one of 55 visionary entrepreneurs and civic leaders for SBN magazine. You have a fine magazine. It is most helpful for growing companies. Congratulations on a great effort.

Dan Rooney, president

Pittsburgh Steelers

Just want to let you know how much Betsy and I enjoyed the [Pittsburgh Pacesetters] reception at Heinz Hall. It was a very special evening and the food was outstanding.

Thank you for the letter opener and for considering me to be part of your list of those entrepreneurs who have had a part in making Pittsburgh the special place that it is.

Glen F. Chatfield, president

Optimum Power Technology

I see you included me in your 55 Pacesetters. It was a surprise since I did not know it was going to appear. Good article and good luck for the new year.

William R. Newlin, president and CEO

Buchanan Ingersoll, P.C.

It was my great pleasure to receive your notification regarding the Pittsburgh Pacesetters awards. It is truly an honor to see the work of the Greater Pittsburgh Convention & Visitors Bureau recognized.

The GPCVB plays a vital role in growing and maintaining the region’s $2.7 billion travel and tourism industry. The steadfast work of the bureau has helped propel Allegheny County to its first-place ranking in the state for tourism spending and front-line tourism jobs, but unfortunately, it is a role that is often overlooked.

Pittsburgh is a city of unique beauty and charm, and those attributes make it a great place to live while and a wonderful place to visit. Whether it is our outstanding cultural attractions, such as The Carnegie Museums, The Andy Warhol Museum and The Mattress Factory, family-friendly attractions such as the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum, the National Aviary and the Pittsburgh Zoo, or our sports teams, the Pittsburgh region has much to offer the leisure and business traveler.

Joseph R. McGrath, president

Greater Pittsburgh Convention & Visitors Bureau

All about quality of life I reviewed with great interest your editorial (SBN, January 2000). Not only was it timely for the holiday season, but it was more apropos with regard to economic development and the self-sufficiency for the less fortunate.

The City of McKeesport is currently sponsoring an application from the McKeesport Collaborative to assist it in the operation of programs to prevent homelessness. These Emergency Shelter Grant funds are intended to do more than keep people off the streets. They are a catalyst to a better quality of life.

You may wish to contact Ruth Smith, executive director for the McKeesport Collaborative at (412) 675-8897. I feel quite sure that her approach as a Continuum of Care leading to employment is consistent with your thoughts which were crystallized by the innocence of your 8-year-old son.

Dennis K.E. Pittman, CD director,

City of McKeesport

Amarraca and apple pie [Ray Marano’s] article in the December issue of SBN “Only in Amarraca” was brought to my attention. First point, I do not consider myself a bragging person. Secondly, you misinterpreted the point I was trying to make. Our emphasis is to make the very BEST apple pie; the price point is a secondary consideration. The big box retailers put price point as their only consideration, regardless of what it tastes like. Thank God we have many loyal customers that can discern the difference, even if the press can’t.

Bill Marra, Amarraca

Time to play Thanks for bringing the message of imagining and play to the corporate world (SBN, February cover story) and for taking the time to listen, explore and interpret.

You really captured the spirit — and the risk. Also, I loved your musing, especially, “The flowing, drifting canvasses so bright/take shape — your dreams, if you would set them free.”

Dan Droz, president,

Dan Droz & Associates