Entrepreneurial matriarch Featured

8:00pm EDT July 21, 2002

Dr. Cindy’s mother, Dolores Iannarelli, did help with the family’s dry-cleaning and real estate businesses — that is, when she wasn’t manning her own retail store in Carnegie that sold ladies’ ready-to-wear clothes. So when Dr. Cindy wasn’t sweeping floors at the dry cleaner’s or washing the company’s vehicles, she was helping her mother at the dress shop.

“I took her to the store and tried to teach her the basics,” says Dolores, who today helps her daughter with her Business Cents venture when she isn’t teaching college-level business courses. “I then would give her jobs according to her age and ability.”

Dolores says she always made a point to teach her kids about business, even if only was by example. She says Dr. Cindy’s favorite job was to count the money. But it wasn’t always easy.

“You have to spend a lot of time working with them,” she says of bringing up kids in the family business. “As my own parents taught me, your kids should never be idle. They shouldn’t have idle hands. If parents would only take the time.”

But, as she also is quick to note, “You have to have a lot of patience.”

Dolores admits to losing her patience only once with Dr. Cindy. Oddly enough, it’s when her daughter had gone back to school for her MBA and tried to act as if she suddenly knew more than her mother, the veteran entrepreneur. When Dr. Cindy’s solution to a problem didn’t work and she didn’t understand why, says Dolores, “I said, ‘Look it up in your MBA book.’”

Daniel Bates

Summer camp, entrepreneurial-style

To help your kids along in their business development, Dr. Cindy Iannarelli offers summer day camp programs for all ages. Her main Business Cents camps run daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the company’s main education center in Bridgeville. The camps, which cost $250, last for five days each session throughout July and August and include program materials, lunch and a snack.

She also is offering a week-long day camp at the Treesdale Community Center the week of July 26 and another at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania the week of Aug. 9.

For information about any of the programs or materials, contact Dr. Cindy at (800) 67-CINDY, or by e-mail at DRCINDY@concentric.com.