Richard Hagerty Featured

8:00pm EDT September 25, 2008

Few industries evolve as quickly and relentlessly as search engine marketing. Search engines are becoming the fastest-growing forums for advertising since television’s heyday. If your trade is search engine optimization, then just trying to keep up with the business is a full-time job.

Nobody knows that better than Richard Hagerty, founder and CEO of IMPAQT. As corporations begin realizing the advertising possibilities that search engines offer, they start seeking companies like IMPAQT to help them get their name out in cyberspace. The result: competing optimization firms vying for clients’ business. And, like the industry in general, the number of competitors keeps growing.

To stay on top of his game, Hagerty has boldly taken his company where no other search marketing company has gone before, time and time again. He started IMPAQT in 1999, and every year since then has been a year of change and innovation. While many of his competitors offer mostly consulting services, Hagerty insisted that IMPAQT own the technology side of business, as well. That way, clients get a more customized product.

In doing so, Hagerty put his company on a path of constant development. In 2000, his team developed the first search visibility metric, allowing clients to see how their keywords perform. A year later, IMPAQT became the first search market company to offer a collaborative extranet, providing clients better access to their data. Then, a year after that, the extranet was replaced by the new-and-improved ExstoNet.

And on and on like that, culminating last year with “Search Day,” the first-ofits-kind search marketing training event. IMPAQT hosted the affair to give clients an opportunity to learn more about the benefits of search engine marketing through seminars, topic-specific sessions and even an opportunity to meet with representatives from Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Hagerty’s background in teaching — he has a bachelor’s degree in education — is evident in his business approach. In addition to sponsoring “Search Day,” IMPAQT partners with organizations, such as the Pittsburgh chapter of the American Marketing Association, to imbed the company and its message about the possibilities of search engine optimization in the local business scene.

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