Mike Zavoina Featured

8:00pm EDT September 25, 2009
2009 Pacesetters: Midsized | Established

When a small group of local engineers established The Gateway Engineers Inc. more than 55 years ago, they only wanted to provide civil engineering services to southwestern Pennsylvania’s local governments and private businesses. The company has met and gone beyond expectations and is at the forefront of the entire industry thanks to the leadership of CEO Mike Zavoina.

Since joining the company a little more than a decade ago, Zavoina has been the catalyst behind the total transformation of the company. Through his direct supervision, the company has developed new competitive advantages and the overall financial health of the firm has never been better. Zavoina is a strong believer in project management fundamentals, and he’s adopted and embraced these fundamentals to develop new innovative systems, tools and processes, all focused around efficient operations.

From his vision and perseverance, Gateway experienced remarkable, industry-leading business results. The following is a representative sampling of the impact of Zavoina’s leadership to the bottom-line business results:

  • The company’s performance numbers are in the top 75th percentile, even though its professional billing rates are among the bottom 25th percentile for the industry.
  • Employee retention at Gateway is among the highest in the industry.
  • Gateway’s employee utilization is routinely among the top percentile in the industry.
  • Gateway’s overall profitability is among the top percentile in the industry.

It is through Zavoina’s leadership that Gateway has experienced six consecutive record years and is one of the top firms in its industry in terms of efficiency measurements — even through a decade spotted with very troubled economic times.

While Zavoina’s title at Gateway is CEO, it could very well be “thought leader” or “change agent.” He continually challenges the status quo and looks for improvements where others do not. He has been the direct source of several new competitive advantages for the company. Through his actions, Gateway has made the transition from average to excellent in a very short time frame.

The company’s performance is a reflection of the leader and the culture he has built. His impact to the company, community and industry will continue to be one of great value and increasing prosperity.

How to reach: The Gateway Engineers Inc., (412) 921-4030 or www.gatewayengineers.com