The Cardoso file Featured

8:00pm EDT April 25, 2010

First job: I worked in a manufacturing company after school part-time making minimum wage making purses for $2.10 an hour. I felt like I was richest guy in the world.

What was your most difficult leadership challenge?

I went to work for a company that was in Chapter 11 in the ’90s and that was probably the most difficult challenge. I was younger, obviously with less experience. I learned a lot from that.

What has been your greatest leadership lesson?

Especially as you get higher in the organization, I think the thing for me was balancing the accuracy of your decision with the speed of your decision. In other words, I look at decisions in two buckets. There are decisions where you have to get the majority of the data so that you can make a good decision. And there are decisions that do not afford you the time to get all the data, so you’ve got to make a decision based on the best information you have at the time. That’s very, very difficult to do as a leader. You have to make a decision today and you can make a great decision with what you know today. And there’s facts that come out tomorrow that make that decision that you made today look very dumb. Making a bad decision today that may be a bad decision tomorrow is better than not making a decision today.