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E-football Featured

9:36am EDT July 22, 2002

It took only one season to for Nauticom Sports Network to figure out that it had a winner on its hands.

The scholastic sports broadcasting service is expanding its coverage to Eastern Pennsylvania, Northeastern Ohio, Texas and Florida for the 2000-2001 season and plans to be in 20 to 30 cities the following year.

Nauticom Sports uses Internet technology to broadcast live and archive scholastic sports events for replay. Last year, it played to more than 3 million viewers. This year, in addition to the 61 radio affiliates that will feed game broadcasts over the Internet -- and an anticipated 75 to 80 by mid-season -- Nauticom Sports will feature Internet-only broadcasts from games that have no radio coverage.

"We're treating scholastic sports like the NFL," says Don Rebel, program director. "We give fans instant score updates, a two-hour scoreboard show, a half-time prerecorded feature spot and a scholastic sports talk show every week."

Ah, but do they have Myron Cope?

Ray Marano