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9:36am EDT July 22, 2002
Of God and the birds ...

Once again, you've made my day with the impact of ["The thinking tree," SBN, September 2000]. Your work is so tremendous and to be admired by all who read it. I must repeat -- one more time -- wish I'd written that!

Janice Lanyon

SMC Business Councils

Every month, when SBN arrives in my office, I immediately open it up to read your ["From the Editor"] column. I look forward to your colloquial writing style and clever telling of tales that always surprises me, makes me chuckle knowingly or, most important, makes me think.

Not an easy thing to do every month, and I commend you for your talent and for sharing it with your readers.

This month, however, I had to sit back in my chair and really think -- about God and the birds. What a fantastic story to illustrate your point of how our obsession with productivity interferes with truly enjoying the moments. It is amazing what adults can learn from preschoolers.

This is one of the best columns I've ever read by you. Keep up the great work. I will continue to be your fan.

Mary Maloney

Cronin Communications

A boy's club, perhaps?

I read your magazine each month with great interest. While looking at the most recent issue, something caught my eye. You have great articles written by Dan, Ray, Fred, Bill, Jeff, Lance, Larry, Joel, Abu, Lou. (Are you getting the picture here?)

There are several writers I would like you to meet in the near future. Their names are Joan, Mary, Peg, Cindy, Debra, Jan, Sue, to name only a few. While all the guys do a good job informing the Pittsburgh business community, the women have much to say as well.

Can we also have this opportunity?

Susan Gove

Gove Business Center

An obligatory voice

I enjoyed and wholeheartedly agree with [Fred Koury's column, SBN, July 2000] on the need to participate in the political process. Too often, people take for granted their obligation to make their voices heard.

Your article was an excellent reminder to folks that the time to act is now.

Jason Altmire,

director, federal government relations,

UPMC Health System

Quote of the month:

Talk about perspective ...

"In Nigeria, that $12 could support a whole family for an entire month."

--An unidentified Nigerian-born parking attendant at a downtown Pittsburgh parking garage recently, responding to this editor's surprise that the parking authority would charge $12 for only two hours of parking.


In the special pullout section of SBN's August issue, an article on the Rock Airport and the Rockpointe industrial park left out the development's location. Both the airport and industrial park are located in West Deer Township, not far from the Springdale exit off of Route 28. Thanks to the reader who brought the omission to our attention.

In the September issue of SBN, an article on application service providers (ASPs) misattributed a quote. The following was said by Tim King, a Zland franchisee, not Sergio Radovcic, president of eToll Inc: "ASPs are really evolutionary, not revolutionary, because businesses still have to acquire customers, make sales, develop lead sources and create products and services. If [an ASP application] is not going to make you money or save you money, then don't buy it."

In a photograph that accompanied "Good hair ways," [SBN September 2000] about Fantastic Sams, the individuals were misidentified. They should have been identified as Carol and Art Venzin.

Also, a statement in the article referring to individual store performance should have indicated that a number of Fantastic Sams shops had reached the $6,000 a week mark, not $6,000 a month.

Wrong hotel

I was recently reading your article about the Airport Corridor Boom (SBN, August 2000) and wanted to note one correction. The article states that the Hyatt is the first full service hotel to open in the corridor since the Marriott on Aten Road 10 years ago.

The fact of the matter is that the Marriott opened in 1988 and the Embassy Suites Hotel was the latest full service hotel to open its doors 1990. I am glad to see articles on the airport corridor area and look forward to seeing many more as the boom continues.

Richard Yarosz

director of sales,

Embassy Suites Hotel