Small Business Exporter Featured

9:42am EDT July 22, 2002

Exporting is anything but new to Morris Coupling. The company has, after all, been selling its compression pipe couplings and piping (used in pneumatic conveying systems that transport dry and liquid materials) to customers in Europe and Canada since the early 1960s.

The past five years, however, have seen rapid growth in export sales for the company as a result of the establishment of an international sales corporation to take advantage of off-shore opportunities and the growth of its customers’ business in foreign countries.

Morris Coupling’s president, Lou Pollock, has led the company to a 110 percent increase in export sales, with approximately 10 percent of earnings now coming from export sales to countries in the Far East, Europe, Australia and Canada.

Although they may not be the most exotic components of pneumatic conveying systems, the piping and couplings that hold them together are nonetheless critical. The nature of the industry finds that they are among the last items ordered for a project, so lead times for getting them delivered to the customer are short. One way that Morris Coupling has been able to speed service to its worldwide customers is to establish warehouses in Canada and the Netherlands.

“Doing business internationally isn’t a lot different from domestic business,” Pollock says. “You need a good product and a good delivery system.”

Ray Marano