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Pittsburgh is a great city because ... Featured

9:44am EDT July 22, 2002

“It’s resilient. It has become a stronger city, I feel, in spite of losing its hallmark industry.”

Paul Ramsdell, vice president

Ad 1 Partners

“Three Super Bowl wins for the Steelers.”

David Pridgen, II, CEO

Do It Outdoors

“It is home ... and always will be.”

Melissa Burke, director of e-commerce

Stargate Industries

“Its people are fabulous — I wouldn’t trade them for the world!”

Hilda Pang Fu, director

Pittsburgh Regional Champions

“ .... of our timeless traditions, our courageous present and our undefined future full of endless horizons.”

Hayley D. Jameson, president and owner

HDJ & Associates

“ ... of its people. Although the current labor market is exceptionally tight, the talent in Pittsburgh is second to none. Tremendous institutions breed the best and the brightest!”

Stu Wise, vice president


“It provides the dynamic of technology and corporate environments with a hometown climate.”

Paul Cummings, director of business development

Xceed Consulting

“When Pittsburghers leave, we always come back.”

Jim Lamanna, director of real estate

NDC Real Estate Management

“The people are kind and welcoming. You feel comfortable most places you visit in the city. Pittsburgh has state-of-the-art medical facilities, fine restaurants and much more.”

Linda Gides, marketing

Aerial Communications

“ ... of its opportunities in higher education. Colleges and universities within a 40-mile radius offer world-class education.”

Mary Kay Cooper, director of graduate and adult studies

Seton Hill College

“The greatest people on the planet live here.”

Jim Dugan, managing partner

Markovitz Dugan & Associates

“The landscape is emerging. With the right financial support and vision, the city will keep pace with the industry.”

Rob Feeney, CFO

Sima Products Corp.

“I call home Erie, Pa. However, Pittsburgh is becoming one of my favorite cities because of the high energy I feel every time I cross the Fort Pitt Bridge as I enter the city. Also, the people are great.”

Linda Stevenson, vice president

National City Bank

“It provides hometown values and a blue-collar work ethic, with a promising future of technology and regional development.”

Dan Adams, sales manager


“It’s still here.”

Rick Sebak, producer