Pittsburgh is a great city because... Featured

9:45am EDT July 22, 2002
Nearly 300 people came together Feb. 10 for a “Celebration of Leadership and Vision” to help SBN honor the efforts of this year’s Pittsburgh Pacesetters.

The party, catered by the Fluted Mushroom and emceed by WQED’s own documentary filmmaker, Rick Sebak, was a grand affair, bringing together some of the most influential business and civic leaders of the region — and their spouses — to share their accomplishments.

Of course, we didn’t let the attendees go without getting them to record their thoughts. We asked them to complete the statement, “Pittsburgh is a great city because ... ”

Over the coming months, we’ll publish their responses. In the meantime, here’s what some of them had to say:

“World-class opportunities with a hometown feeling.”

Richard Patton, CEO, Western Pa. Adventure Capital Fund

“Great things are happening here.”

Rock Ferrone, president, K-Cor, Rock-Built and Rock Airport

“Rock Ferrone can fly into or out of the city to meet with Mario Lemieux, Kevin McClatchy and Dan Rooney about purchasing season tickets to world champion events, have his children educated by John Murray, fed by David Shapira, entertained by Rick Sebak, uplifted by the PSO, informed by Bill Flanagan, advised by Bill Newlin, informed and/or infuriated by Richard Scaife, provided for by Jim Roddey, inspired by Linda Dickerson, governed by Tom Murphy and kept apprised by SBN.”

Dave McMaster, vice president and general counsel, Rock Airport

“ ... Of the quality of its communities and the character of its people.”

Bill Flanagan, money editor, KDKA-TV

“People care about the people. Ask directions and someone will not only tell you how to get there, they’ll actually take you there.”

Terry Mohr, marketing manager, SMC Business Councils

“I can live on my 69-acre farm, drive from my garage to the USX garage in 20 minutes with only two lights and drive to the airport in 21 minutes and only three stop lights.”

Willem Thorbecke, president, W.H. Thorbecke Associates and retired president of Dravo Corp.

“There are many different cultures that live and play in a great city.”

Robert Turyan, senior consultant, Sabre Inc.

“My wife lives there!”

Glen Chatfield, president, Optimum Power Technology

“You feel like family here, even if you’re not a native.”

Diane Wuycheck, vice president of communications, Desbrow & Associates

“I always know I’m home, and coming through the ‘tubes’ is a hometown high.”

Regis Maher, president and COO, Do It Outdoors

“Its foundation is its people. Their rich traditions, core values, aspirations and work ethic combine to form community relationships and leadership necessary for achievement. It’s a great place to live and raise a family.”

John Turyan, executive director, Builders Guild

“Pittsburgh’s people make it great.”

Steve Linkowski, managing partner, New England Financial

“ ... Of its people — people from all over the world ... Of its neighborhoods — some have three and four generations living close together. Great climate — not too cold or hot.”

Vince Neal, computer scientist, Westinghouse Electric Corp.

“Not only does it have Old World charm, it’s on the move with a dynamic new feel. (Plus I live here.)”

John Gatesman, vice president, Brabender Cox

“It’s full of committed citizens prepared for the new economy.”

Barbara Mistick, director of Seton Hill College’s National Education Center for Women in Business

“ ... The beautiful rivers, the great skyline, the incredibly friendly people, the great working tradition and the burst of entrepreneurship. Pittsburgh rocks.”

Tripp Clarke, director of marketing, Stargate Industries

“It’s a city of values: tradition, education, culture, commerce, innovation and family.”

Joseph Smith, senior vice president-marketing, Dollar Bank

“We have the friendliest people in the country living here. We have everything any other city has and will have a prominent place as one of America’s great cities just by continuing to work together to achieve the recognition we deserve.”

Jim Longo, director of convention services, Greater Pittsburgh Convention & Visitors Bureau

And our favorite: “Because SBN is here!”

Jerry Johnston, North Pittsburgh Telephone Co.