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10:02am EDT July 22, 2002
I read your article, "Nice guys, but finished," and had to comment on your remarks about Vince Lombardi's famous quote. Most people don't know it, but Coach Lombardi went on record several times before his death to renounce that quote because it had been taken so out of context. He was actually saddened by the fact that people missed the message he was trying to deliver.

The real sentiment Coach Lombardi was trying to express was that preparing for a game was just as important as the game itself. Ironically, it would seem Lombardi and your publisher are more like soul mates than opposites. Just thought you might want to know.

David Walker Jr.
Matrix Essentials

Speaking of (or in) Pittsburgh

William Hoffman's article on meetings and hiring speakers was excellent. I was proud to see NSA mentioned and Terry Paulson interviewed. Unfortunately, there was some disappointment in the article. SBN prides itself on being in tune with the local business community. A sidebar story to mention that the Pennsylvania Speakers Association is based in Pittsburgh would have added local illumination to your coverage.

PSA currently has five Certified Speaking professionals (the highest earned designation for speakers) on its membership roles plus 50 other speakers and trainers available to your readers. PSA can be reached by phone at (877) 825-2537.

There is also the opportunity for your readers to attend PSA meetings. Meetings are held the third Saturday of every month. This is the chance to see dynamic speakers in action. Plus, if public speaking or training is a part of your job, this is the organization to help you develop those skills. In addition to supporting the speaking industry, PSA is currently working hand-in-hand with the [Greater Pittsburgh Convention and Visitors Bureau] and the Meetings Industry Council to foster convention business for the city.

Ken Scott, board member
Pennsylvania Speakers Association