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My three sons Featured

10:10am EDT July 22, 2002

My three sons

By Ray Marano

Although they are still quite young, Christine Jack Toretti has already given a lot of thought to how her sons will succeed her in running S. W. Jack Drilling Co.

Even though they are just 12, 10 and 7, she says she finds herself analyzing where they would fit best in the business. All are demonstrating interest and an acumen for it, she says. One is a visionary, one appears to have a knack for dealing with people, and the third has a preference for operations.

She realizes, though, that she may have to deal with some sibling rivalries when it comes to deciding who will have the most say in the company.

"I think I was incredibly lucky that I didn't have any brothers or sisters to battle with," says Toretti. "The one thing I would hope to do is to have one of them in charge and compensate the others for not being in that decision-making role."