The Thomas file Featured

8:00pm EDT August 26, 2008

Born: Johnstown, Pa.

Education: Bachelor of arts degree, political science, Washington & Jefferson College; master’s degree in hospital administration, Virginia Commonwealth University

First job: Many jobs, including being a paperboy and working on farms.

What has been your greatest leadership lesson? You need to have a commitment and passion for something larger than yourself.

What song best describes your organization?

‘Climb Every Mountain’ from ‘The Sound Of Music.’ I think that well fits what our organization is and is trying to do.

What profession would you want besides the one you have?

I’ve never thought of it. I enjoy what I’m doing. I’ve never found a day that has not been challenging or interesting because things change so rapidly in this environment and go from so many areas of concern that I’ve never found it not [challenging]. I don’t want to say enjoyable — there certainly have been things that have not been enjoyable, but it’s been extremely challenging and continues to be. So, I’ve never really thought of going into anything else. The only other jobs I’ve had have been in the army.