High standards Featured

8:31pm EDT June 30, 2011
High standards

As president and CEO of AIReS, Bryan Scott Putt often reflects back on the words of his father, who founded the company 28 years ago: “Take care of your customers and profitability will follow.”

Putt’s leadership was vital in building a reputation for AIReS as a quality provider of relocation services. In 2000, he made the decision to transform AIReS from a moving company into a relocation management company. By motivating his team to embrace the new strategy and transition to managing the entire lifecycle of the relocation process, Putt added new corporate clients and increased AIReS productivity, staff and market share. Since he joined AIReS, the company has grown from 30 employees to 250 employees and dramatically increased revenue.

Though it was a risk, Putt knew refocusing the company would be crucial in setting it apart from competitors. For Putt, taking on risks and embracing change is natural, which is why he furthers a culture at AIReS where “good enough” is never accepted. With the “AIReS way” — a philosophy that describes the company’s culture of customer service excellence — he sets high expectations for employees and emphasizes an above-and-beyond approach to customer service and client management. With the goal of achieving service excellence, AIReS has thrived against competition that accepts mediocrity.

Putt says that great business starts with great people. He invests in his employees as his greatest asset, which is why when the recession hit, he made the executive decision to circumvent any layoffs or pay cuts at AIReS. While the company predicted revenues to fall as much as 25 percent, keeping his team intact allowed employees to stay focused on providing world-class customer service. As a result, AIReS has grown fivefold in the last few years, despite a 40 percent industrywide decline.

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