Like father, like son Featured

8:13pm EDT June 30, 2011
Like father, like son

At an early age, Kurt J. Lesker III gained an appreciation for his father’s spirit and entrepreneurial actions and thinking. His father, Kurt Lesker Jr., founded the Kurt J. Lesker Co. in 1954. The company, which manufactures and distributes vacuum products, started as a small regional business. Kurt Lesker III, who is now president of the company, has taken his father’s wisdom and drive and applied it to his own leadership of the company, making it a growing global business.

Understanding the value of his father’s entrepreneurial spirit, Lesker has worked to foster those qualities in the company since his start. To ensure that employees buy in to the company’s entrepreneurial spirit and remain motivated, the company remains lean and delegates business responsibilities. Lesker sees himself as the head coach, his middle managers as the assistant coaches and his employees as the players on the team.

He says this corporate culture gives everyone the opportunity to contribute to the team’s successes. He also works to make sure all employees enjoy their jobs and develop their skills to their highest levels of expertise. Through his vision and the work of satisfied and motivated employees, the company has grown globally in Europe, Asia and North America.

Under Lesker’s direction, the company has never followed or tried to imitate competitors. When consultants tell him to exit a business area or not take a risk, he follows his vision and supports his leadership with investments in quality and a differentiated product offering.

He has high confidence in the company’s mission, vision and the people he has entrusted to carry it out. Employee turnover is low, job satisfaction is high, and motivation to do more is common. He has led the company forward for more than 30 years and has carried out the entrepreneurial spirit in everything the business does.

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